Mercy Street’s first three years have been
– there’s no other word for it –

Why we need you...

As we’ve continued with our mission to examine “modern myths,” we’ve seen the amazing power of storytelling to reflect, provoke, inspire, and unite our community. Now it’s time to figure what’s next for our company, and we can’t do that without you!

Contribute to the future of Mercy Street by making a tax-deductible donation of any amount, and ensure that we continue on this path forward.

Some numbers...

3 Seasons of Work,
22 New Plays Developed & Produced,
12 Shorts, 5 Beacon Workshops, 5 Full Productions,
2 Charity Partnerships,
102 Artists Involved,
 1467 Iced Coffees,
and counting...

So, what’s next?
We’re not telling just yet.
But with your help, we'll make it awesome.

Wanna Donate?

For all donations, you will receive a letter of acknowledgement for your charitable contribution and a listing in our program.

other ways to contribute

Work with us

We're currently hiring designers for our world premiere
production of Luz Estrada! You know the drill.
If you're interested, send us stuff.

Currently Hiring: Stage Manager, Scenic Designer, Props Designer, Costume Designer, Lighting Designer, Sound DesignerDramaturge

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