A Lolita for the digital age.

Imogen and Jackson are a young married couple on the verge of losing their home in the midst of the 2008 housing crisis. In a desperate attempt to save themselves from foreclosure, they plan to find, lure, and extort money from unsuspecting sexual predators. Once their target has been selected and appropriately baited, Imogen struggles with her real-world and online identities and searches for the truth in her own relationships.

Ephebophilia was a finalist in On the Brink Productions Search For the Next Great (Young) American Playwright, and was a finalist in Quiet Productions New Works Festival.

The Phebe Project was created by Julia Rohed and Danielle Stack as a production vehicle for Ephebophilia. Artists with Phebe — including Rohed, Stack, Dusty Wilson, Clint Worthington, Jake Fruend, Julia Gray, & Andrew Saenz — went on to become founding members of Mercy Street.


Why We're Blushing

"In lesser hands, the premise of Dusty Wilson's bold new drama might make for an off-color caper story. Instead, we get a sweet, unsettling meditation on the dangers of love and the evanescence of justice."
Keith Griffin • The Chicago Reader

The Team

Imogen Claire Saxe
Jackson Andrew Saenz
Alan Arne Saupe
Imogen (u/s) Tricia Rodriguez

director Clint Worthington*
playwright Dusty Wilson
set T. Paul Lowry
costumes Shawn Quinlan
lighting Emma Deane
sound Samuel Silva
photos Imre Treviño
graphics Jake L. Fruend*
stage manager Julia Gray*
production Danielle Stack* & Julia Rohed*

* Mercy Street Ensemble Member

"From our youth-obsessed culture to our increasing reliance on digital fantasies arisen from the broken promises of real life expectations, Ephebophilia is a multi-tiered indictment of the cruelty of our era’s willful blindness."

Clint May • Chicago Theatre Beat

Production Images

Ephebophilia was performed in Room 300 at Collaboraction in Wicker Park.
January 18, 2014 - February 9, 2014