World-renowned performer and reformed ape, Rotpeter, has been asked to give an account of his past life as a monkey. He’s been a scientific marvel since his first words and now boasts the cultural intelligence of the Average European. For the first time ever, Rotpeter will share the story of his journey from the jungles of Ghana to enlightenment in the world of Man.

As part of its inaugural season, Mercy Street is proud to present this devised adaptation of Franz Kafka’s bite-sized fable, “A Report to an Academy.” Rotpeter is a twisted, intense, and darkly funny look at life in a world not built for you.

Rotpeter was performed at The Hairpin Arts Center in Logan Square, Chicago. July 17 - August 1, 2015

The Team

author Franz Kafka
director Jake Fruend*
adaptor Rachel DuBose*
composer Mike Evans*
dramaturg Ian Michael James
set designer Ryan Emens*
costume designer Alaina Moore
lighting designer Slick Jorgensen
sound advisor Charlie Davis
stage manager Claire Murphy
photographer Christopher Semel
production manager Danielle Stack*

Rotpeter Courtney Abbott
Carl Hagenbeck Mark Maxwell
Ensemble Nicholas Caesar
Ensemble Andy Monson
Ensemble Vincent Williams

Photos by Christopher Semel