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Living a life of solitude in a remote asylum, Amity’s world is shaken when she’s scooped up by an enterprising ringmaster and finds herself the centerpiece of a travelling freak show. Amity’s multitudinous deformities allow her to blossom as “The Bird Girl.” She enjoys her spotlight while simultaneously being deluged with memories of her earlier life, one spent hidden in shadows by a mother humiliated by the living evidence of her broken womb. 

The Bird Girl is a look at the intense pressure of public gaze, how it effects self-image and becomes a driving force in Amity’s life. The play was developed in workshop with Jon Robin Baitz at the New School for Drama in 2009, and had a reading with NYAC’s Casual Reading Series in August 2010.

The Team

director Julia Rohed*
author EJC Calvert*
set designer Kenton Jones
costume designer Kate Grudichak*
sound designer Eli Van Sickel
stage manager Rosemary Ford
production manager Danielle Stack* 

Amity Sonja Mata
JD/Boo Ben Page
Mother/Nurse Sarah Razmann
Roy Travis Austin Wright
Julie Rachel Minkoff*
Jennie Nellsyn Hill

* Mercy Street Ensemble Member

The Bird Girl was performed at Unity Lutheran Church in Chicago
March 18 - March 28, 2015